JUST AI, Beyond Critique To Repair, London School of Economics, 14-15th July, 2022

Beyond Critique to Repair
London School of Economics
13.07.2022 - 14.07.2022

JUST AI  (Joining Up Society and Technology in AI) is an open research network that identifies issues and intervenes in data and AI ethics.

Lead by Dr Alison Powell, Associate  Professor in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics (LSE) and established in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The programme was initially supported by the Ada Lovelace Institute, the programme developed as a response to the narrowness of dominant frameworks in data and AI ethics research.

JUST AI addresses how high-level ethical principles popularly used to solve issues in data-driven AI development can ignore the social context and incentives that make technology unjust. JUST AI aimed to increase public engagement and foreground voices of difference in ethical work. 


As part of this generative and exploratory programme, Repair Acts worked with Dr. Powell and colleagues to convene a one-day event “Beyond Critique to Repair” at LSE on the 14th July, 2022, which brought together a number of guest academics, artist and practitioners to think through issues of repair in relation to AI.

The workshops focused on mapping and re-mapping how repair connects with deep concepts of sustainability by plotting scales, locations, and processes in which to intervene across this complexity and looking at how to extend the ‘Handle With Care (v1), Repair Cards Deck’, as a means tool through which such public conversations on such issues could be promoted.