Handles for Care (v1). Conversational Formats for Restorative Futures.

Handles With Care (v.1)
Online and Ongoing

How can we host conversations about restorative futures? What aids do we need in order to discuss possibilities and ideas?

‘Handles With Care’ began as a workshop and experiment at No School, France (04.06-10.06-2022). Taking the format of a deck of cards as a starting point, participants were asked to come up with barriers, excuses, work arounds and solutions to stimulating repair-mind sets. These ideas were then collated into different thematics, which became the four suits.

The first version card deck was produced in collaboration with Cliona Harney, David Miller (graphic layout, code), Dez Miller, Gloria Marillier, Ineke Vermeulen, Marie Patsyuk, Mark Osborne (graphics production), McKinley Street (generative illustration), Nica Ross (hand drawn illustration), Nicolas Maigret (graphics production), Supisara Burapachaisri, Tommy Vinh Bui and Weronika Gajda (hand drawn illustrations).

At the JUST AI seminar event “Beyond Critique to Repair” on the 14th July, 2022 the deck was used as a bases to expand ideas beyond hardware-focused repair, to explore repairability in the context of artificial intelligence (AI).

Currently the card deck is been used and worked in various workshops with learnings documenting its current use and potential for further sharing and publication.

Refs: Cover illustration: Mining in Potosí, an engraving from Theodoor de Bry in Historia Americae sive Novi Orbis, 1596. “The Mountain That Eats Men”. Background illustrations: Cracked Screen Variations, live-coded by McKinley Street