Public conversations, Make City Festival, Berlin 2018

After the Revolution…Who’s going to pick up the garbage on Monday morning?*

A public conversation about repair cultures and care practices as they relate to architecture and the built environment. With Elke Krasny and Teresa Dillon, moderated by Rosario Talevi.

With contemporary urban development agendas primarily driven by fast-paced growth, innovation imperatives and solution-oriented demands, there is a pressing need to ensure that durational dimensions of maintenance, repair and care are given due consideration. Can we recognise such notions in guises other than their traditional normative associations – the welfare state, health industry, gendered connotations? How might we understand modes of care and repair cultures as being to fundamental ways of doing? And how might this support spatial practitioners to redefine the values upon which the production of architecture and the built environment is based today?

(*)Extract of MIERLE LADERMAN UKELES’ Manifesto FOR MAINTENANCE ART 1969! Proposal for an exhibition “CARE”.