Public Conversations, Bristol 2018

Urban Knights

This edition of Urban Knights was delivered as part of Repair Acts 2018 programme and was connected to the New Delhi workshop.

Urban Knights is a programme of events, which provokes and promotes practical approaches to urban change. The programme brings together people who are actively producing alternatives to our given city infrastructures, norms and perceptions. Established in 2013 since then over 80 speakers from across the globe have contributed to the programme.

Ravi Agarwal [IN]

Artist, writer, curator and founding director of Toxics Link the environmental NGO who work on chemical safety, toxics, waste and recycling in India, shares his experiences on waste and repair policy.

Benjamin Gaulon [FR]

Addressing consumerism and disposable society, artist Benjamin Gaulon summaries the techniques he uses within his art and workshop programmes on e-waste recycling and planned obsolescence.

Lara Houston [UK]

Sociologist and ethnographer, Lara Houston discuss her work on mobile phone repair in Uganda and shares her views on how repair work becomes infrastructural and translocal.