Jo Barnfield, Textile Artist, University of the West of England

Jo Barnfield cut her teeth in performance, community art and costume design before moving over into the dark side of fashion production and ultimately fashion textile education. She’s incredibly interested in Zero Waste and creative pattern cutting alongside the use of digital hardware such as lasers, plotters, embroiderers and CNC routers via vector work in Adobe Illustrator. She is the author, co-author and illustrator of two books on pattern cutting and construction and is currently working on collating, describing and hand rendering step-by-step diagrams of stitches and knots that are utilised in both a textile and a non-textile context. She’s inspired by a researched past and an imagined future and when she’s not teaching at The University of the West of England’s Fashion textile department, researching her next book or sleeping you’ll definitely find her on roller skates at rinks in and around the UK.