Bristol, Belo Horiztone and New Delhi, 15.02.2021 - 28.02.2022

TALES OF CARE & REPAIR is a crowd-sourced collection of photographs and stories about the objects we repair today. Over 700 ‘stories’ of everyday repaired objects from Bristol (UK), Belo Horiztone (Brazil) and New Delhi (India) were uploaded to the TALES OF CARE & REPAIR website and tagged with details about the repair. Alongside the images, we interviewed a number of professional repairers about their work and we began co-creating with various communities what we call local “Repair Declarations”. Some of the images and conversations with professional repairers are currently exhibiting at Somerset House, London as part of their exhibition on care, repair and healing, ‘Eternally Yours’ (16th June-25th Sept 2022).



To support the gathering of the stories a number of online conversations, local workshops and interviews with local repairers were also created. With our workshops focus on creating “Repair Declarations” that is, a set of intentions that can act as a means towards collectively reimagining how we can move towards more restorative futures.

With a focus on the cities of Bristol, New Delhi and Belo Horizonte the core outcomes of the project included the gathering of over 700 stories, which were tagged with details, which enabled us to build a picture of the duration, cost and motivations people have for repairing objects. This repository of images, is now along with Repair Acts, Ireland becoming the bases of a larger people’s archive of everyday repair.

Summarising the projects main works, we made a short publication titled “Tales of Care & Repair, Everyday Maintenance”, which was launched on 28th Feb, 2022 at the Watershed, Bristol. The work was also present as part of Open Eye, Photography Gallery’s, Climate Lab programme in 13th Jan-20th March 2022. During the project we also began to interview a number of professional repairers, some of these stories were exhibited at Somerset House, London as part of their exhibition on care, repair and healing, ‘Eternally Yours’ (16th June-25th Sept).

Full details of this project and its extensive workshop programme can be found here: TALES OF CARE & REPAIR.

Partners: TALES OF CARE & REPAIR was led by REPAIR ACTS at the University of the West of England (School of Art and Design and Digital Cultures Research Centre/DCRC) in collaboration with Toxics Link, India and Gambiologia, Brazil.

Funders: The project was supported by the British Council’s Creative Commissions programme – a series of creative commissions exploring climate change through art, science and digital technology. #CreativeCommissions #TheClimateConnection #COP26 #TogetherForOurPlanet @britishcouncil #repairacts

Team members: 

Lead: Teresa Dillon, Professor of City Futures, University of the West of England. Collaborators: Ravi Agarwal, Toxics Links Founder/Director, Fred Paulino, catalyst of Gambiologia

Repair Acts Team: Dawn Giles (producer), Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC): Nick Triggs (DCRC Research Manager), Sarah Barnes (DCRC admin)

Toxics Link: Satish Sinha (Associate Director), Sahil Gochhayat (Programme Officer)

Gambiologia: Romana Abreu (Producer), Felipe Schmidt Fonseca (Advisor)

Additional University Partners: School of Art and Design, UWE, Bristol: Jacq Butler (Head of the School of Art and Design), Colum Leith (Programme Leader, BA Hons Graphic Design), Deborah Southerland (Programme Leader BA Hons Fashion Textiles), Paul Laidler, Laura Morgen and Ryan Brown (MA Design), Wayne Lloyd (Programme Leader, BA Hons Fine Art) and Professor Mandy Rose (DCRC). Shiv Nadar University, New Delhi: Professor Sharmila Samant. Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horiztone: Professor Wellington ‘Low’ Cançado at the Architecture and Design School at and Cosmopolis Lab.

Community Partners: Bristol: Bristol Green Capital Partnership (Alice Peperell, Lizzi Testani and Ceilidh Jackson-Baker), Knowle West Media Centre (Penny Evans, Fiona Dowling), Rising Arts Agency (Roseanna Dias, Will Taylor). India: Conserve (Kanika Ahuja) Brazil: Instituto Procomum (Luiza Xavier, Mauro Fecco, Ricardo Grillo, Victor Marinho), BDMG Cultural, Eu Amo Minha Quebrada (Julio Fessô, Júnia Morais), Espaço Curupira, Beatriz Leite, Daniel Ladeira, Fernando Dellaretti, Frederico Mol, Marina Bianchi, Mário Henrique Mol, Moara Andrade, Thais Mol. Local Repair Interviews: Bristol: Priyanka Raval, Teresa Dillon, Dawn Giles. India: Dorothea Riecker. Brazil: Carlos Oliveira