Lara Houston, Independent Sociologist, UK

Dr Lara Houston‘s research begins with moments of breakdown, where technologies and technological systems are beginning to unravel. Her work studies the practices of repair, mending and remediation that respond to malfunction and decay; and also the processes of salvaging and wasting that accompany the demise of systems or machines. Sites of repair provide profoundly rich and engaging snapshots of how we live with technologies. The work of getting – and keeping – technologies ‘working’ (whatever that may mean) enfold their own values and resources. These open up to offer a counterpoint to more traditional discourses around communications and computing technologies.

Lara has been a Researcher on the ERC project Citizen Sense at Goldsmiths (with Jennifer Gabrys and Helen Pritchard), and the NSF project Reclaiming Repair at Cornell University (with Steven J Jackson and Daniela Rosner).